Belmay Primary School expects all students to be wearing correct uniform at all times whilst at school and/or during school hours. Parents and care providers are encouraged to provide an explanation if a student is not wearing their uniform, but this does not preclude them from attending class.

Orders can be placed directly with Eclipse Universal by filling in this form and sending it to them via email or post.

The online store is available 24/7 for parents.  https://schooluniformstore.com.au/

School Shop OPENING TIMES 2023 - Fortnightly, 'even weeks' only. Term 3 Dates are:

Week 2 - Friday 28 July   8am - 9:30 am

Week 4 - Friday 11 August   8am - 9:30 am

Week 6 - Friday 25 August   8am - 9:30 am

Week 8 - Friday 8 September   8am - 9:30 am

Week 10 - Friday 22 September   8 am - 9:30 am


This is located in the undercover area next to the canteen building.

If your child/ren have outgrown their school uniforms, think twice about throwing them away. They can be a big help to others in the community.

If you need second hand uniforms please ask one of the office staff and they will check if the correct sizes are available.