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Boundary Map

Below is Belmays boundary intake area showing streets which fall into the schools catchment area.

Please note Hardy Road is odd house numbers, Belvidere Street is even house numbers, the Airport Road is odd house numbers and Tonkin Highway is odd house numbers.

Boundary Map


Enrolments and Forms


Belmay Primay School is a local-intake school. All compulsory-aged children who live in the local-intake area are guaranteed enrolment.

The local-intake area is defined by specific street names and numbers. Eligibility for enrolment requires proof of residency within the boundary intake area.

To apply for a place for your child from Kindergarten to the Year 6 program at Belmay Primary School you need to complete an Application for Enrolment' form. These forms are available from the school or can be printed from here. Application for Enrolment can be viewed and downloaded from here. Check it for important dates for our students.

Kindergarten is not compulsory but most Western Australian children attend because it helps give them the best start to school. There is a place for all eligible children in Kindergarten in public schools. Wherever possible this place will be at your local-intake school. Some schools may get more applications than they have places.

Applications are prioritised. If a place is not available, the school will help you apply to another school close by.


You need to provide

Evidence of your child's age and residential status is needed when making an application to enrol your child in a Kindergarten or Pre-primary program in a public school. This evidence includes:

To find out when your child can start Kindergarten or Pre-primary, use the easy school age calculator.

Contact your local school if you need help with your application. To find your local school and all schools in your area go to Schools on Line or "My School" Website

Enrolment Guarantee

Although there is a place for every eligible child in Kindergarten, an application does not guarantee enrolment at Belmay Primary. Placement in a Kindergarten program in a specific school is dependent on the number of places available at that school.

When you make an application for your child you need to make sure that:




Uniform Shop and School Banking

Wednesday Mornings from 8.30am - 9.00am


Wednesdays 9.00am

Life Education Incursion

6th - 8th May

Mothers Day Raffle

Friday 8th May

Belmont City College Information Evening

Wednesday 13th May

Next Assembly

Friday 15th May. Leaders: Prefects. Item presented by Pre-Primary

NAPLAN Testing

11 - 14th May (Week 4, Term 2)

NAPLAN catch-up day will be Friday 15th May





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