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Curriculum Subjects


The Mathematics curriculum is designed to meet students' individual academic needswhile developing their mathematical skills. Belmay Primary School delivers quality teaching and learning programs in mathematics through a whole school approach to planning, assessment and moderation.The programs focus on explicit teaching, problem solving, mental computation and the application of these skills to real life situations, enabling students to understand and appreciate the importance of working mathematically.The First Steps Mathematics approach forms the basis of the teaching program.

At Belmay Primary School we help children learn numeracy concepts through:


At Belmay we believe children learn literacy through positive immersion. By engaging in speaking and listening, reading, writing and viewing children will develop to their potential becoming proficient in language. We endeavour to foster a love of language and the development of good oral skills and written communication. We value that students are individuals and will communicate at varying levels. The school offers a balance of developmentally appropriate programs that incorporate informal and formal approaches to foster competency and success.

Programs Include:


Science learning and investigations are carried out within the four conceptual aspects which are:

Health and Phys Ed

All children at Belmay Primary School participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. Apart from some senior sport, all Physical Education activities are conducted on an integrated basis. Modified 'Aussie Sports' games have been introduced. Interschool Winter sports competition is held in Term 2 for Football, Soccer and Netball. Faction and Interschool Athletics Carnivals are held in Term 3 and 4 for all age groups. Years 1 - 6 participate in our Faction Cross Country and Years 4 - 6 in the Interschool Cross Country in term 3.

The school also participates in various Interschool carnivals throughout the year. Mr Graham Baxter is currently the Physical Education teacher at Belmay.


Children are placed in Factions, viz. Red, Blue, Green and Gold for the year's activities and remain in the same faction for Faction Athletics.

Factions compete annually for a Faction Award, presented at our Book Award/Graduation Ceremony in December.

The school presents a shield for competition in Faction Athletics and Cross Country.


Curriculum Subjects

Society and Environment

At Belmay Primary an integrated approach is used to facilitate the Inquiry Process through Investigation, Communication and Participation aspects providing students with life long skills that can be used in many areas of the curriculum.

Skills taught in the Investigation, Communication and Participation aspect are used to develop the knowledge, values and understandings in key aspects:

Programs provided at the school include:

Technology and Enterprise

At Belmay Primary School an enquiry approach is used to motivate children to create solutions to problems. This is achieved through the context of:

Programs provided at the school include:

LOTE (Italian)

At Belmay Primary School all Year 3-6 students participate in a weekly lesson to develop their understanding of Italian culture and language.

Our LOTE Specialist Teacher, Ms Marita Russo, conducts these classes. Students are involved in a range of language and cultural activities throughout the year.

The Arts

- includes Drama, Music and Visual Arts.


Miss Megan Klaver is the music specialist at Belmay Primary school. Her program spans year 1 through to year 6 music theory lessons on a weekly basis. In addition, a senior Choir represents the school at formal and informal events throughout the year. Choir students audition at the beginning of the year and are asked to commit to a year-long rehearsal and performance schedule.

Belmay is expected to participate in the annual Massed Choir Festival held at UWA's Winthrop Hall. In this one night performance in September, our students will combine with 9-10 other schools to sing a collection of songs conducted by 2 of Perth's premier music specialists, Mrs Mary-Anne Goyder and Mrs Mirelle Hopwood. Parents can support their talented children by purchasing a ticket to watch the show. Details to come...




Uniform Shop and School Banking

Wednesday Mornings from 8.30am - 9.00am


Wednesdays 9.00am

Life Education Incursion

6th - 8th May

Mothers Day Raffle

Friday 8th May

Belmont City College Information Evening

Wednesday 13th May

Next Assembly

Friday 15th May. Leaders: Prefects. Item presented by Pre-Primary

NAPLAN Testing

11 - 14th May (Week 4, Term 2)

NAPLAN catch-up day will be Friday 15th May



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