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Learning Technologies are an integral part of the educational program of the school. All classes are well resourced with computers, scanners, a digital camera and printers and children make regular use of these in their learning program. In addition there is a computer network in the library resource centre.

Throughout 2012, Belmay has acquired the use of Apple IPad's for each classroom and have been able to install Interactive Whiteboards into 8 classrooms.

All students must have a signed Internet permission form before access to the Internet through the school is permitted.

Interactive Whiteboards


Our library serves all years. We would like all children to have a waterproof library bag measuring (35cm x 40cm). This bag serves as protection for our valuable books.

If you are able to help in the library and would like to assist us, please contact the school.

Book Fair

Keep checking for updated information on our next Book Fair which is usually held in Book Week! This is a chance for students to purchase books for themselves from the Scholastic range


Belmay Primary School takes pride in displaying our musical talent through the vocal stylings of the choir. Interested students from years 3 through to 6 audition each year for a place in this performance group.

The choir commit to performances throughout the year, including: the annual WA Massed Choir Festival held in term 3; the Government Schools Make Music concert series at Burswood held in term 3; the annual Education Week performance at Belmont Forum in term 3; the annual Belmont Council Christmas Carols at Faulkner Park; visits to community centres including senior care villages; and performances at school events including assemblies, award functions and graduation ceremonies.

Our choir practices each week for 60 minutes between 3pm and 4pm every Tuesday to participate at these events where a lot of hard work and energy is put into perfecting each performance. Miss Megan Klaver is currently conductor and co-ordinator of the choir and is also head of the music education program at the school.





'MULTILIT' (Making Up Lost Time in Literacy) aims to address the needs of students with reading disabilities and similar problems from Year 2 to high school by providing an intensive, structured, systematic program of instruction in reading and related skills carried out within a Positive Teaching environment.

MULTILIT began in 1995 as the MULTILIT Research and Development Initiative at the Macquarie University Special Education Centre, led by Professor Kevin Wheldall, a research psychologist specialising in the area of learning and behaviour difficulties in children. In 1998, Professor Wheldall and his team of academic researchers and special educators developed and published the first edition of the MULTILIT Reading Tutor Program, based on the key components for effective tuition programs for low-progress readers, as identified by research.

Students are screened to identify who would benefit from the program. They undergo intensive one on one sessions several times per week. Their progress is constantly monitored to ensure that they are receiving the most from the program.

Choose Respect

'Choose Respect' provides a fundamental shift from focusing on the negative behaviour of bullying to calling young people out to 'Choose Respect'. The whole aim of 'Choose Respect' is to encourage and motivate schools and the wider community to develop and then maintain a 'Culture of Respect'. In doing this, schools are actively working to provide a safe, supportive environment for members of their school community.

As a whole school, we have been working with the students to learn more about the Choose Respect program. To Choose Respect is to treat with care and consideration. At Belmay Primary School we Choose Respect...

  • For ourselves, as individuals
  • For our teachers, friends, other students and adults
  • For our school and the world around us.
  • The students have been learning lots of ways to show respect and we have had some great feedback from parents of our junior students about the success of the program.

    This is a very important part of our Values program. We hope you will take some time to become familiar with the program and use the Choose Respect ideas and language so that our children receive consistent messages at home and school.


    'KidsMatter' aims to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater support for children experiencing mental health difficulties and their families.
    It includes:

  • KidsMatter Early Childhood: implementation in preschools and long day care
  • KidsMatter Primary: implementation in Australian primary schools
  • KidsMatter Transition to School: support during the transition to school.
  • Each initiative involves the people who have a significant influence on children’s lives – parents, carers, families, child care professionals, teachers and community groups – in making a positive difference to children's mental health.

    Belmay Primary School takes part in the KidsMatter program which is aimed at improving the mental health and well being of primary school students. We have recently been involved in a pilot program for parents of children in Kindergarten to Year 1, looking at developing strong relationships between families and the school and supporting parents to help their children make a positive transition to school.





    Uniform Shop and School Banking

    Wednesday Mornings from 8.30am - 9.00am


    Wednesdays 9.00am

    Life Education Incursion

    6th - 8th May

    Mothers Day Raffle

    Friday 8th May

    Belmont City College Information Evening

    Wednesday 13th May

    Next Assembly

    Friday 15th May. Leaders: Prefects. Item presented by Pre-Primary

    NAPLAN Testing

    11 - 14th May (Week 4, Term 2)

    NAPLAN catch-up day will be Friday 15th May



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