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Planning for Improvement

The Belmay Primary School Annual Report is a comprehensive report of our preceding year. It summarizes information about the school's activities, student performance and finances.

View our 2015 Annual Report

A Short History

Belmay Primary School commenced operations in 1952 and is located on the corner of Sydenham Street and Epsom Avenue Cloverdale.

After initially reaching a peak in the late 1980's, Belmay's student numbers declined over the following 15 years into the early 1990's due to changing local demographics. During that time a second school, the 'South East Metropolitan Language Support Centre began operations on the current shared site.

Our Grounds

Belmay Primary School, 410 Sydenham Street, Cloverdale is within the portion of the City of Belmont considered to be inner-metropolitan and residential.

The school occupies 7.5 hectares of land with students having access to large recreation areas which include an oval, two playgrounds and basketball and netball courts. In addition a large area of bushland provides the students with opportunities to learn about caring for their natural environment first hand.

The site is geographically a large one and this is one of the reasons that the South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre shares our site. Both schools run autonomously with their own Principals and Administration teams. The two schools do collaborate on sporting and social programs over the course of the year.




Uniform Shop and School Banking

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Wednesdays 9.00am

Belmont City College Transition Day

29th November 2016

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Friday 2nd December 2016

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Term 2 2017

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