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All children need to be confident in using English for both academic learning and in social situations. At Belmay Primary School, we have developed a high quality, whole school approach which includes a comprehensive support program to help students to develop and grow their personal best in speaking and listening, reading, writing and viewing. We include a strong focus on teaching Literacy across the curriculum to ensure multiple opportunities for growth.

Programs provided at the school include:

Extension courses through PEAC
First Steps
Cracking the Code for Emergent Readers
Margaret Menner - Literacy Program


Belmay Primary School delivers quality teaching and learning programs in mathematics through a whole school approach to planning, assessment and moderation. The programs focus on understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning and the application of these skills to real life situations. The Gradual Release of Responsibility model and the Paul Swan approach forms the basis of the teaching program.

Programs provided at the school include:

First Steps strategies in Maths
Paul Swan games
Nitty Gritty Math Competitions
Numero Club, games and competition


Science at Belmay aims to teach students the Inquiry approach to problem solving and uses engaging and interesting topics to do so. Students get exposure to Science concepts through play, exploration, logical thinking and group work and are able to draw conclusions. They are encouraged to make recommendations for changes for future investigations or for real-world applications. Belmay teachers use the Primary Connections resource to develop their teaching programs.

Programs provided at the school include: 

Primary Connections
STEM activities
IWB activities

HASS (Social Studies)

At Belmay Primary teach 'HASS skills' through Questioning & Researching, Analysing, Evaluating and Communicating & Reflecting.
HASS Skills are explicitly taught and are used to develop the knowledge, values and understandings in key subject areas of History, Geography, Economics & Business and Civics & Citizenship.

Programs provided at the school include:

Access to computers and IPads.
Library facilities and resource centre.
Student council and Leadership program
Peer Support
KidsMatter - social and emotional wellbeing program.

The Arts

Students at Belmay PS have access to Dance, Drama and Visual Arts which form the basis of our specialist Arts program. It is a chance for students to engage in artistic expression, responses and sharing.

Belmay also participates in the Department of Education's School Instrumental Music Program, offering free instrumental music tuition to selected students in Year 6 to continue through to high school.

Programs provided at the school include:

'Belmay's Got Talent' competition
Reader's Theatre
City of Belmont's 'Read Out Loud Awards'

Health and Physical Education

All children at Belmay Primary School participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. Modified ‘Aussie Sports’ games have been introduced. Various physical competitions are provided for our students throughout the year both at school level and interschool.

Health at Belmay is integrated across many learning areas within daily classroom teaching. 

Programs provided at the school include:

Various carnival's both school and interschool
Sport clinics held by outside associations
Protective Behaviours
Healthy food choices
Morning fitness


At Belmay Primary School all Year 3-6 students participate in a weekly lesson to develop their understanding of Italian culture and language.

From 2018, Belmay is moving to provide students with a year-long program with students accessing the expertise of a specialist teacher.

Belmay's Languages teacher conducts these classes. Students are involved in a range of language and cultural activities throughout the year.

Programs provided at the school include:

Italian Day
Harmony Day
Cooking programs
Special events


Technologies at Belmay Primary School consist of 2 main areas: Design Technologies, in which students use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce solutions.
Digital Technologies, in which students use current technologies to define, design and implement solutions to relevant problems.
Technologies help students to be regional and global citizens, capable of actively and ethically communicating and collaborating.

Programs provided at the school include:

Using Apps to create solutions/represent data
Creating Brochures / PowerPoint presentations
Using robotics to create solutions
STEM activities
Technology club


Belmay offers a range of programs to enhance the curriculum, to support student health and well-being and to encourage interest in co-curriculum programs. Click on the links below to read a brief overview of the programs we offer.

The Aboriginal Cultural group seeks to support and encourage our students to gain a greater appreciation for Aboriginal culture and traditions. The aim of this program is to ensure respect, understanding and harmony amongst all members of the Belmay school community.

The role of our chaplain is to support staff, students and parents. This includes a range of activities and support programs. Click here for more information.

Once a week interested students meet to learn the basics of chess. A tournament is held at the end of each semester to provide motivation and direction with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. In past years, Belmay has participated in annual Chess competitions with varying success.

Belmay Primary School takes pride in displaying our musical talent through the school choir. Interested students from years 3 through to 6 audition each year for a place in this performance group. Performances take place throughout the school year and include Massed Choir and other community events.

All classes are well resourced with computers, printers and now each class has the use of an interactive whiteboard. The school has two dedicated computer labs. In addition, seventy IPads are used regularly across all learning areas. Teachers at Belmay ensure that every effort is made to expose our students to new technologies in a variety of subject areas and settings.

KidsMatter aims to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of children and achieve greater support for students and their families who may experience mental health difficulties. Click here for more information.

Our up to date library is well resourced and services all students Kindy to Year 6. Belmay offers families an opportunity to participate in the annual Book Fair held in term two which gives students a chance to purchase books for themselves from the Scholastic range.

Book Week is the highlight of the library calendar. We celebrate Australian authors and their achievements and use the annual Book Week theme in our classrooms. We offer the opportunity for students to dress as their favourite book character for a day during this week. We encourage all children bring a waterproof library bag measuring (35cm x 40cm). This bag serves as protection for our valuable books.

Through the school year our specialist Phys Ed teacher offers a range of fun lunchtime competitions. Students play in teams and compete against one another in sports such as volleyball, soccer, cricket and touch rubgy.

Numero is a challenging and fun way of practicing quick math skills which teachers use in the classroom on a regular basis. An interschool Numero team represents Belmay in a statewide competition each year.

The aim of the Technology Club is to encourage critical and creative thinking through the use of new technologies.

Students learn about coding language and robotics in a fun and interactive way. Students from Years 4 through to 6 are welcome to come along to workshops once a week.

Cogmed, a program for improving working memory, is offered to selected students from Year 1 to 6. It offers game-based interventions to improve synaptic connections in the brain. Belmay also offers relaxation techniques to our students in order to get the best out of sessions. Find out more at the Cogmed website:

MultiLit is offered to selected students as a way to assist low-progress readers improve their literacy skills. Our trained Education Assistants work individually with students on a daily basis using activities that are grounded in evidence-based best practice. You can find more information about MultiLit on their website:

A program designed for Early Childhood students, Cracking The Code uses explicit teaching in the skills of phonological (sound) awareness and alphabet knowledge. Students learn to use oral language to assist them acquire wider literacy skills which will assist them through year levels at Belmay. Read more about the program here.

Belmay's Education Assistants are also trained to deliver the SMiLE program (Structured Methods in Language Education). It offers a multi-sensory program that teaches speech, reading and writing in an integrated way. Students are specifically selected for the program based on classroom testing and sometimes administration interventions.

Students selected for this group are usually in Years 4 - 6 and have shown a need for inteventions in the area of Maths, usually Geometry and/or Measurement. A trained Education Assistant or teacher will take selected low-achieving, highly motivated students for weekly 1-hour sessions that are aimed at complementing their classroom program.

Specialist Subjects

Our Drama specialist takes classes once a week for reader's theatre and other dramatic activities. Drama is a specialty subject for six months of the school year.

Phys Ed provides students with specialised and targetted activities with a focus on skill. Our specialist teacher makes time to instruct students on the finer points of game play, the use of team mates and strategy.

Our Visual Arts specialist takes classes once a week for activities covering all of visual arts mediums where possible. Art runs out of a dedicated art room and is a specialty subject for six months of the school year.

The Science specialist at Belmay Primary School covers classes from Year 1 through to Year 6. Science lessons take place in a dedicated lab located on site where the focus is on the skill of inquiry.

Italian is taught at Belmay. Lessons are provided for Year 3 through to Year 6 and help students to develop an appreciation of the Italian language, culture, history and people.

Choose Respect

At Bemay Primary School, 'We Choose Respect'.
This values program has become an integral part of our school culture
- we speak it, we act it and we live it in school grounds and we take this respect into our homes and community. 
It is at the core of our behaviour management policy from Kindy through to Year 6 and is supported in it's implementation by the 'Peer Support' program which teaches our students explicitly the value of 'Choosing Respect' every day.
Find out more by clicking on the links below or please watch this short presentation.


The KidsMatter Framework forms the cornerstone of our Social and Emotional Learning program.

KidsMatter Primary and Early Childhood provide a flexible, whole-school approach to improving children’s mental health and wellbeing for primary schools. It can be tailored to schools' local needs. The KidsMatter Framework provides the proven methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced children.

KidsMatter Website KidsMatter at Belmay