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School Council

The membership of the School Council was expanded in 2008 to allow for wider membership from the parents and community members.  A broader cross-section of parent representation in 2009 provided wide representation in the decision-making processes of the school. 

A School Council consisting of the Principal, staff, and elected parents operates at the school.  It meets once or twice a term and discusses items of significance to the school community, for example, the School Improvement Plan and School Policies on areas such as Homework, Uniforms and/or Bullying.  Elections are held every year and we solicit your interest and support.  If parents have matters that they wish to have discussed at the council meeting, they are welcome to contact a Council Representative.

Code of conduct for Council Members

School Council members are required to exercise judgement and make decisions, and this can at times present ethical dilemmas. The code of conduct provides a framework of values and behaviours in support of this role.

  1. To perform roles and responsibilities to the best of one’s abilities, within the framework of the law, the limits of authority and available resources.

  2. To respect the uniqueness and dignity of individuals and act in a fair, courteous and sensitive manner

  3. To accept the responsibilities arising from the trust placed in members of the Council by staff, students and the community.

  4. To perform all duties with integrity, honesty and impartiality.

  5. To declare conflicts of interest which may result in personal benefit or potential discrimination to others.

  6. To maintain appropriate confidentiality of personal and official information.

  7. To be accountable for efficient and effective use of resources with which Council members are provided.

  8. To undertake not to hinder the implementation of Council decisions.

Roles of Office Bearers

The role of the Chairperson is to:

  1. Preside at meetings of the Council

  2. Manage the business of the Council

  3. Provide leadership to the Council.

The role of the Secretary is to:

  1. Coordinate the correspondence of the Council

  2. Keep full and correct minutes of the proceedings of the Council

  3. Have custody of all books, documents, records and registers of the Council, which are accessible to any person within the school community

  4. perform such other duties as are required.

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