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Pastoral Care

Pastoral CareUnderpinned by the core values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care, staff at Belmay Primary School, work together to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Pastoral care permeates all aspects of school life and is supported by our experienced and caring staff. The development of a caring school community and a strong network of support programs build student resilience and self esteem.

We acknowledge the importance of a well rounded education and collaborate with colleagues, parents and educational agencies to develop a child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.

The staff work together to ensure a consistent approach across the school in the management of our students; expectations and routines are clearly defined through our policies in behaviour management and bullying. These policies are underpinned by the school’s purpose and core values.

Student Leadership - A variety of general leadership roles associated with specific school programs are assigned to different year levels. 

School Prefects are appointed from the Year 6 group and are responsible for coordinating and running weekly assemblies, organising community fundraising events and supporting the school administration during special events.

Faction Captains support the physical education program by coordinating faction training sessions and leading their faction during swimming and athletics carnivals.

Year 6 students are given the opportunity to mentor their peers from PP to year 6 through the 'Peer Support' program. These students will lead a small group from Belmay of mixed ages in activities that build confidence, develop independence and practice social skills. It is a great opportunity to develop leadership abilities.

The leadership group are also asked to give up some of their free time to assist in running the Sound Garden area at lunch and recess times and to assist in setting up and running of the PA equipment at school assemblies and functions.

CRUNCH and SIP – Belmay is accredited as a “Crunch and Sip” school. The program supports students to eat healthy fruit and/or vegetable snacks and to drink water.  Students are encouraged to bring to school a selection of chopped or sliced fruit/vegetables. This brain food is placed on the students’ desk at the beginning of the day in a resealable container.

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