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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Belmay Primary School Website.  We are proud to showcase our school and to provide a range of information for our families and the wider community.  Belmay Primary School has a long history as a caring school and is widely respected in the local community. A number of our parents attended the school as students themselves.  At Belmay we choose respect in everything that we do. Respect for ourselves, respect for others and respect for the world around us. This message is reinforced daily and has led to the development of a wonderful school culture where each and every individual is valued.  We set high standards for behaviour and academic success. We encourage our students to work towards their personal best at all times. There are many opportunities for our students to shine.   We value quality partnerships between all members of the school community - teaching and non-teaching staff, students, parents and the wider school community.  Please enjoy finding out about our school programs and do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Mrs Pippa Gillett


Our hardworking Belmay team...


Pippa Gillett, Principal
Terry Harney, Deputy Principal
Julie Horwood, Manager Corporate Services
Deb Bradshaw, School Officer (Mondays, Tuesdays)

Cleaning Staff:
Mildred Kerr (Cleaner in Charge)
Josephine Nolan
Juanita Vergonia
Collin Kerr
Gardening Staff:
Brent Goldsworthy
Michael Roneberg

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten ~  Ula Harrison
Pre Primary ~ Hanna Nixon & Rebecca Fleming
Year 1 ~ Room 8 Caroline Brady & Mandy Hortense 
Year 1 / 2 ~ Room 9 Georgina Amhaz & Mandy Hortense
Year 2 / 3 ~ Room 13 Nesh Oldman 
Year 3 / 4 ~ Room 14 Hannah Klauz
Year 4 / 5 ~ Room 1 Eileen Flynn
Year 5 / 6 ~ Room 2 David Gerstorfer  
Drama, Visual Arts & Phy Ed ~ Graham Baxter
Languages (Italian) & Science ~ Marita Russo
Music & Science ~ Megan Klaver
Learning Support Coordinator ~ Vivien Baxter
Science ~ Cath Brett/Megan Klaver

Non-Teaching Staff

Library Officer ~ Karen Riley 
School Chaplain ~ Ailine Hurst 

Education Assistants:
Sandra Edgar
Debbie Fouweather
Tracey McClarence
Tamara McKiernan
Rose Snell
Jo Rowling 
Ethnic Education Assistant: Michiko Uchiyama

School Report

The Belmay Primary School Annual Report is a comprehensive report on the school’s activities throughout the preceding year. It summarizes information about the school’s activities, student performance and finances.

Click on the link below to open the Annual Report in PDF format.

2016 School Report

Building Parents as Partners

Belmay continues to value the input of parents and the local Cloverdale community. To make our wonderful school maintain the family feel, we encourage parents to be a part of school life in a variety of ways.

PaCE Program:

PaCE is a program for parents and carers of Aboriginal Children funded as IAS by the DP&C and supported and run by Communicare. Parents gather to discuss, support and learn together. Mostly we want to learn about how we can be better parents so our children can have access to all the opportunities available to them.

Classroom Parent Volunteers:

Periodically, parents may be invited to volunteer for their child's classroom activities. This may include reading with students and attending excursions and other activities as outlined by the classroom teacher.

School Council:

A School Council consisting of the Principal, staff, and elected parents operates at the school. It meets once a term and discusses items of significance to the school community. Elections are held every year and we solicit your interest and support. 

Special Events:

Parents are invited to a variety of school events throughout the year and their participation is greatly valued. Please refer to our school calendar for scheduled school events.


Belmay and SEMLDC families in the area are invited to bring their young children for free play activities at Belmay's Drama Room once a week. To register your interest, please contact Belmay's front office.

School Programs

All classes from Pre-primary to Year 6 use Western Australian Curriculum outcomes for programming including modifications for individual student needs. The Kindergarten curriculum is outlined by the Early Years Learning Framework. (Please use links below for more information)

Click here for specifics on

our school programs