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Cross CountryCurriculum - Health and Phys Ed

In Health and Physical Education, students learn how to enhance their own and others' health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation in varied and changing contexts. The Health and Physical Education curriculum (P–10) offers students an experiential curriculum that is contemporary, relevant, challenging, enjoyable and physically active.

(Western Australian Curriculum, 2016)

All children at Belmay Primary School participate in a wide variety of sporting activities.  Apart from some senior sport, all physical education activities are conducted on an integrated basis.  Modified ‘Aussie Sports’ games have been introduced.  Interschool Winter sports competition is held in Term 2 for Football, Soccer and Netball. Faction and Interschool Athletics Carnivals are held in third and fourth term for all age groups. Years 1 – 6 participate in our faction Cross Country and years 4 – 6 in the Interschool Cross Country in term 3.

The school also participates in various Interschool carnivals throughout the year. Mr Graham Baxter is currently the Physical Education teacher at Belmay.

Health at Belmay is integrated across many learning areas within daily classroom teaching. Teachers focus on Protective Behaviours at the very beginning of each year to ensure students know how to keep themselves and each other safe in a variety of different contexts. Health encompasses:

  • Being healthy, safe and active

  • Communicating and interactive for health and well-being

  • Contributing to healthy and active communities

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