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Respect"Choose Respect" provides a fundamental shift from focusing on the negative behaviour of bullying to calling young people out to "Choose Respect". The whole aim of "Choose Respect" is to encourage and motivate schools and the wider community to develop and then maintain a "Culture of Respect". In doing this, schools are actively working to provide a safe, supportive environment for members of their school community.

As a whole school, we have been working with the students to learn more about the Choose Respect program. To Choose Respect is to treat with care and consideration. At Belmay Primary School we Choose Respect….

  • For ourselves, as individuals,
  • For our teachers, friends and other students and adults
  • For our school and the world around us.

The students have been learning lots of ways to show respect and we have had some great feedback from our junior parents about the success of the program.

This is a very important part of our Values program. We hope you will take some time to become familiar with the program and use the Choose Respect ideas and language so that our children receive consistent messages at home and school.

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Choose Respect

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