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YouthCARE Chaplaincy Services have been supporting Belmay Primary School since 2009.  The service is funded through the National School Chaplain and School Welfare Program.

YouthCARE Chaplains aim to provide a sensitive Christian presence within a secular state school system. School Chaplains work with students, families and staff in the school community, providing the following services:

  • Building relationships with students, families and staff.
  • Offering pastoral care.
  • Being a mentor.
  • Providing additional practical help for teaching and administrative staff.
  • Offering input into spiritual and meaning of life questions.
  • Being a positive role model.
  • Providing a link between schools and local communities.

At Belmay, the Chaplain works with teachers to deliver and co-ordinate some of the school social emotional well being programs – including Peer Support, the student leadership development program and help with KidsMatter Family Fun events.  The Chaplain also provides support with small group social skills programs.  In addition, Individual meetings, mentoring or support can be organised on a voluntary basis.  Please contact the school for an appointment or see the Chaplain directly.

Chaplaincy Program Highlights 2013

KidsMatter Family Fun circus event.  Over 70 family members came along to watch the circus performance and join in a workshop with students from Canning Vale College.  We shared a sausage sizzle and fruit after the event.

Belmay’s Got Talent The Prefects did a wonderful job in organising the very first Belmay’s Got Talent.  Pictured below are our finalists for 2013.

Walk To School Safely:  In first term we promoted the Walk to School Safely program with a healthy morning tea.  Students sat in their Peer Support groups and shared their stories about getting to school safely.

Peer Support.  It was wonderful to watch the Peer Support leaders develop in their role.  Each student was presented with a certificate for their work in helping others build resilience.

Chaplaincy Program Highlights 2012

  • participated in the International Families week by having a photo display to celebrate families
  • raised awareness of bullying and friendship by participating in the National Buddy Day, an initiative by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and NAB bank.
  • supported the prefects in fund raising for a Friendship bench
I have had the privilege to work with the prefects of 2012 and would like to thank them for their community mindedness in leaving our school with a gift, the Friendship Bench. They have fulfilled their role as leaders with pride,

Chaplaincy Program Highlights 2011

  • worked with 110 children to make two CHOOSE RESPECT quilts
  • worked with a cooking group and sports groups that gave students an opportunity to lead and teach younger students sport at lunch time. 
  • supported teachers to introduce the Peer Support program

A Message from our School Chaplain -  Ailine Hurst
As Chaplain at Belmay Primary School my role encompasses being a support person for staff, students and parents, engaging in the, Social. Emotional, Mental and Physical needs as assessed by the school principal through programs, mentoring or as a support person.

What does that mean for parents and students?
I am here as an ear for anyone in the school community, be it to have someone to grumble to or to have a cry about a family issue or tragedy. I am here to listen.

What does this mean for the teachers?
I am here to listen to them too, but also to assist with students who may need some extra attention. This may be in the form of reading a book with a child, or giving them some extra TLC, or more planned assistance. This may mean a few individual meetings to continue the development of social and emotional skills. Chaplains often run and coordinate activities and programs that benefit the whole school community. The role varies depending on the schools needs.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to have a chat, please call the school and ask to speak to me so we can arrange an appointment. As a support person in the school I will keep you informed about community events or programs that you may be interested in. The school notice board is also a great tool to keep you abreast of any community events or parenting programs available.

For new families it would also benefit you familiarising yourselves with the ‘Choose Respect’ program that is integrated into the school policy and curriculum.

Ailine Hurst        
School Chaplain


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