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In the interest of student safety parents are requested to contact the school office before 8.50am to advise if a student is to be absent on the day.

Absences are reported automatically to parents by text every morning at 10.00am. Written or verbal explanations for all absences are required. Late arrivals are also recorded.

If a student falls ill after arriving at school they will be cared for in the school’s medical room. Parents will be contacted by office staff to collect their child. It is important that contact details and emergency contact details are kept up to date.

Children are NOT permitted to leave the school grounds during the day. Parents are aware that children sent to school are in our care and under our responsibility during school hours, this includes lunchtime

Our school policy states: No child will be permitted to leave the school grounds for any reason without parental permission or approval by the Principal or in the company of a responsible adult.

Any parent or care giver wishing to collect their child before the end of the school day must complete a Standardised Leave Pass from the school office.

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