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Reporting to Parents Semester 1, 2019

As you are aware Semester 1 reports will be sent home on the conclusion of this term. Teachers have gathered information from a variety of sources over time to make an on-balance judgement about student achievement across the learning areas.

Before reading the learning area grades and comments, please be sure to read the back of the report cover page. The information contained there provides the reader with a key to understanding the grading scale. For example, a ĎCí grade means a student is progressing as expected at year level. Parents are strongly encouraged to read their reports alongside their child so they can ask questions related to the teacherís comments and studentís grades. The last page of the Pre-primary to Year 6 reports provides information about a childís attitude, work habits and effort. Parents can make a mutually agreeable time to meet with their childís teacher post reports. Please contact your childís teacher directly to organise a meeting should you wish to discuss a grade and or comment. Teachers should always be the first port of call regarding reports.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank teachers for all their hard work in completing student achievement with such accuracy and detail. Reports will be sent home Friday 5 July.

. . Every school day counts . . Attendance matters . . .


With the cooler weather upon us Iíd like to remind families to please ensure all uniforms are clearly marked with your childís name.

I would like to thank parents and carers supporting students in wearing our schoolís uniform! The children look fabulous and wear with such pride!

Sarah Durham




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