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It is amazing to think that 5 weeks have already zoomed past and we are moving into the second half of the term. Teachers are deep into their learning programs and the work your children are producing is very impressive. With the long weekend providing a short but restful break for everyone, we are already back into the full swing of learning.

Class Meetings

Thank you to all the teachers who have taken the opportunity to meet with families to discuss their expectations and teaching programs for 2019 at the recently conducted class meetings. Please ensure that you regularly communicate with your child’s class teacher any queries or concerns you may have. At Belmay Primary School, the staff are strongly committed to forging positive relationships with the parent community as a way in which we can all work to collectively optimise student achievement.

. . Every school day counts . . Attendance matters . . .

“Every Day Counts, Every Lesson Counts”

Schools are required to analyse their attendance data, set targets for improvement and evaluate the effetiveness of improvement strategies that have been put in place. A partnership with parents is essential in making any improvements to school attendance, whether that is for late arrivals, early departures or days absent.

When attendance reports indicate that absenteeism is above 10% of total school days, follow up is required. Research is very strong in this area and when a child misses more than 10% of their schooling, the impact has the potential to significantly impact on learning. For this reason, Department of Education Semester Reports indicate the total number of days of absence. When this is seen as a total, the number can often be quite confronting, adding up before we realise attendance has become an issue. In fact, at 10% of the time each year absent, by Year 8 a child has missed the equivalent of one year of their schooling. This would obviously have a huge impact on learning and the child’s ability to achieve their potential.

The late arrivals and early departures are sometimes often unrelated to sickness and by addressing morning routines and rescheduling after school activities, these can often be avoided, or at least, greatly reduced. This is an area that as a school we can target for improvement as our data indicates we are well above average for signing students in and out during the school day. With parents’ assistance we should be able to make a difference. Being present for the commencement of the day and the completion of the day is important for all students. At Belmay Primary we need to make significant improvements in this area.

Parents need to be aware that unauthorised absences for holidays taken during term time will be recorded as a K - Unapproved Vacation during school term. This means, the absence will not be approved. Whilst it is understood that holidays are cheaper during term time, this is not a legitimate reason to be absent from school and contravenes the Education Act.

There are a variety of reasons why students are absent and records differentiate these with a code, go to absence codes list to view the list.

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